HLAI 2016 Poster & Demo Session – Time to Show Off

Demo Session: The demo session is a chance to show off what people have built. Whether it’s a python script, an interactive mobile app or a sentient robot butler, we would love to see everyone’s work. It will take place during an HLAI wide reception, so you’ll get great exposure and great feedback from the field’s luminaries. Commercial demos are welcome as long as they refrain from blatant sales activities and are willing to openly discuss the technical details of the demo.

Poster Session: Posters will be contributed by participants of all involved events, bringing together a diverse group of topics and people to mix, mingle, and discuss current and future HLAI trends and ideas.

The HLAI 2016 Poster & Demo Session takes place as part of the HLAI 2016 Reception on the evening of July 17, 2016.

Chairs of the HLAI 2016 Poster & Demo Session:

  • Brandon Rohrer (Microsoft)
  • Daniel L. Silver (Acadia University)

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