HLAI 2016 – The Story Behind the Multi-Conference

In 2016, the 60th anniversary of the Dartmouth Conferences will take place, commemorating the events which effectively inaugurated the history of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cognitive systems research. Many of the original founders of AI as a research discipline shared the dream of (re-)creating high-level intelligence with computational means, i.e., achieving human-level AI – a goal which is (possibly with varied interpretations) still pursued by many researchers all around the world today.

As also IJCAI (the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence) will be returning to the motherland of AI for IJCAI-16 in New York City, from July 9-16, 2016, we want to use this occasion to align the respective 2016 editions of the major human-level AI and computational cognition events into one multi-conference, in turn collocating this joint meeting with IJCAI 2016.

In doing so, we hope to create a meeting point and platform for members of the different research communities working on questions with relevance for human-level AI, for bridging the social and conceptual gaps between individual people, groups, and communities, and for acting in concert towards our shared scientific goal.

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