HLAI: The Joint Multi-Conference on Human-Level Artificial Intelligence 2016

HLAI 2016, held at The New School in New York City on July 16-19, 2016, is a joint effort between the major conferences and academic events explicitly targeting work towards the computational (re-)creation of human-level intelligence, i.e., human-level (or strong) Artificial Intelligence.

As such, it combines the 2016 editions of:

HLAI 2016 will feature several keynotes by leading thinkers from different fields relating to human-level AI research. An always up-to-date list of names and abstracts can be found here.

Venue information: HLAI 2016 is hosted by The New School at the University Center, 63 Fifth Avenue. The registration desk can be found in the lobby of the University Center building.

The New School

The following further information concerning HLAI 2016 is available from this webpage:

  • An overview of the idea(s) behind HLAI 2016 (Why now? Why here?) can be found here.
  • Links to the respective individual events joining HLAI 2016 are available here.
  • A (evergrowing) list of people actively supporting HLAI 2016 and contributing to making HLAI 2016 a success is located here.
  • The (frequently updated) schedule of HLAI 2016 is available here.
  • General information on the HLAI 2016 Doctoral Consortium is available here. The Schedule and Overview of the HLAI 2016 Doctoral Consortium can be found here.
  • Information on the HLAI 2016 Demo Session as well as the Call for Participation for the Demo Session are available here.

    Registration for HLAI 2016 is handled via the individual participating events (see the respective links above for details).
    There will be several joint program elements (shared keynote lectures, an opening reception, etc.) bringing together all HLAI 2016 participants, complemented by the individual program offered by each event.

    HLAI 2016 and the participating conferences/workshops would not be possible without the generous help of several sponsors and supporting institutions. Details on these supporters of HLAI 2016 are available here.

    Several other important AI events are also being hosted in NYC (or the extended surrounding area) around the same time as HLAI 2016. The most prominent one of these collocated events probably is the 25th International Joint Conference on AI (IJCAI-16) running July 9-15, 2016 (i.e., directly before HLAI 2016).

Receiving updates and interacting with other HLAI 2016 participants is also possible via the official HLAI 2016 Facebook pagehttp://www.facebook.com/hlaiconference/.

All questions and enquiries concerning the event (additional collocations, sponsorship, etc.) can be directed to the General Chair, Tarek R. Besold, or to any member of the Steering Committee of HLAI 2016.

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