Workshop on Socioeconomic Implications

AI technology is already having a major impact on the world economy; as narrow AI gives way to AGI, we can expect the impact to be even greater.

The AGI-15 Workshop on Socioeconomic Implications of AGI will focus on ways in which AGI may be expected to affect various industries, and the nature and structure of society as a whole, as it develops.


  • Keynote: Predicting the Future of Posthuman Intelligence, Ted Goertzel, Professor Emeritus of Sociology, Rutgers University (video)
  • Contributed talks:
    • Stefan Pernar, An Evolutionary Perspective on Transhuman Philosophy and AGI (pdf | video)
    • Jeanne Dietsch, Loving AGIs (video)
    • Andras Lorincz, Revolution in Health and Wellbeing (paper | video)
  • Panel Discussion:  Life, Society and Economy in the Era of Advanced AGI. (video)   Panelists will include multiple authors of chapters from the edited volume The End of the Beginning (to be published in 2015 prior to the conference):
    • Weaver (David Weinbaum) and  Viktoras Veitas from the Global Brain Institute at the VUB
    • Ben  Goertzel and Ted Goertzel
    • Hruy Tsegaye, a technologist and social theorist from iCog Labs in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.