The proceedings are available on Springer’s website.

FRIDAY, August 1, 2014: Tutorial Day

SATURDAY, August 2, 2014

SUNDAY, August 3, 2014

MONDAY, August 4, 2014


Talks are 15min for long papers, 10min for short papers. Each Talk Session ends with a panel discussion of 20min. Posters will be alloted 5min each for oral presentation in the Poster Boaster Session, right before the Poster Session.

Session 1 – Chair: Paul Rosenbloom

  • Éric Nivel, Kristinn R. Thórisson, Bas R. Steunebrink and Juergen Schmidhuber (pdf | bib)

    Bounded Seed-AGI

  • Claes Strannegård, Abdul Rahim Nizamani and Ulf Persson (pdf | bib | video)

    A General System for Learning and Reasoning in Symbolic Domains

  • Seng-Beng Ho (pdf | bib | video)

    On Effective Causal Learning

  • Éric Grégoire, Jean-Marie Lagniez and Bertrand Mazure (pdf | bib | video)

    A General Artificial Intelligence Approach for Skeptical Reasoning

  • panel discussion (video)

Session 2 – Chair: Bas Steunebrink

  • Simon Levy, Charles Lowney, William Meroney and Ross Gayler (pdf | bib | video)

    Bracketing the Beetle: How Wittgenstein’s Understanding of Language Can Guide Our Practice in AGI and Cognitive Science

  • Mark Waser (pdf | bib | video)

    Instructions for Engineering Sustainable People

  • Dan Ventura (pdf | bib | video)

    Can a Computer be Lucky? And Other Ridiculous Questions Posed by Computational Creativity

  • Jordi Bieger, Kristinn R. Thórisson and Deon Garrett (pdf | bib | slides | video)

    Raising AI: Tutoring Matters

  • panel discussion (video)

Session 3 – Chair: Joscha Bach

  • Naveen Sundar Govindarajulu, John Licato and Selmer Bringsjord (pdf | bib | video)

    Toward a Formalization of QA Problem Classes

  • Francis Leconte, François Michaud and François Ferland (pdf | bib | slides | video)

    Fusion Adaptive Resonance Theory Networks Used As Episodic Memory for An Autonomous Robot

  • Melissa Johnson and Sylvain Chartier (pdf | bib | video)

    Increasing Accuracy in a Bidirectional Associative Memory through Expended Databases

  • panel discussion (video)

Session 4 – Chair: Laurent Orseau

  • Swapnil Shah (pdf | bib | slides)

    Quantum Mechanical Foundations of Causal Entropic Forces

  • Eray Özkural (pdf | bib | video)

    An Application of Stochastic Context Sensitive Grammar Induction to Transfer Learning

  • Alexey Potapov and Sergey Rodionov (pdf | bib | slides | video)

    Making Universal Induction Efficient by Specialization

  • Peter Sunehag and Marcus Hutter (pdf | bib | video)

    Intelligence as Inference or Forcing Occam on the World

  • panel discussion (video)

Session 5 – Chair: Peter Sunehag

  • Benja Fallenstein and Nate Soares (pdf | bib | slides | video)

    Problems of self-reference in self-improving space-time embedded intelligence

  • Laurent Orseau (pdf | bib | slides | video)

    The Multi-Slot Framework: A Formal Model for Multiple, Copiable AIs

  • Laurent Orseau (pdf | bib | slides | video)

    Teleporting Universal Intelligent Agents

  • panel discussion (video)

Session 6 – Chair: Matt Iklé

  • Samer Schaat, Alexander Wendt, Matthias Jakubec, Friedrich Gelbard, Lukas Herret and Dietmar Dietrich (pdf | bib | slides | video)

    ARS: An AGI Agent Architecture

  • Volkan Ustun, Paul Rosenbloom, Kenji Sagae and Abram Demski (pdf | bib | slides | video)

    Distributed Vector Representations of Words in the Sigma Cognitive Architecture

  • David Pynadath, Paul Rosenbloom and Stacy Marsella (pdf | bib | slides | video)

    Reinforcement Learning for Adaptive Theory of Mind in the Sigma Cognitive Architecture

  • Ladislau Bölöni (pdf | bib | slides | video)

    Autobiography based prediction in a situated AGI agent

  • panel discussion (video)

Special Session on AGI and Cognitive Science – Chair: Joscha Bach

  • Vadim Bulitko (video)

    Flow as Meta Control

  • Kristinn R. Thórisson (video)

    What Should AGI Learn from AI & CogSci?

  • Joscha Bach (video)

    Artificial General Intelligence as a Foundational Discipline in Cognitive Science

  • Glenn Gunzelmann (video)

    The Role of Cognitive Science in Artificial General Intelligence

  • panel discussion (video)

Poster Session – Chair: Ben Goertzel

  • Banafsheh Rekabdar, Monica Nicolescu, Richard Kelley and Mircea Nicolescu (pdf | bib | slides | video)

    Unsupervised Learning of Spatio-Temporal Patterns Using Spike Timing Dependent Plasticity

  • Christophe Tremblay, Bradley Harding, Sylvain Chartier and Denis Cousineau (pdf | bib | video)

    System Factorial Technology applied to Artificial Neural Network Information Processing

  • Ben Goertzel and Gino Yu (pdf | bib | slides | video)

    A Cognitive API and its Application to AGI Intelligence Assessment

  • Cosmo Harrigan, Ben Goertzel, Matthew Ikle and Amen Belayneh (pdf | bib | slides | video)

    Guiding Probabilistic Logical Inference with Nonlinear Dynamical Attention Allocation

  • Bill Hibbard (pdf | bib | slides | video)

    Self-Modeling Agents Evolving in Our Finite Universe

  • Michael O. Vertolli, Matthew A. Kelly and Jim Davies (pdf | bib | slides | video)

    Compression and Decompression in Cognition

  • Renato Costalima, Amauri Souza Júnior, Gustavo Campos and Cidcley T. de Souza (pdf | bib | slides | video)

    MInD: don’t use agents as objects

  • Kevin Raison and Steven Lytinen (pdf | bib | slides | video)

    Affective Agent Architecture: A Preliminary Research Report