Future of AGI Workshop

In the tradition of all the previous AGI conferences, AGI-11 will feature a workshop on the future of AGI — a place for rational extrapolation, intelligent speculation and freewheeling discussion about the future possibilities and implications of AGI technology.

Much of the Future of AGI Workshop will be occupied by panel discussions, heavy on audience participation.  However, we will also feature some talks, probably mainly 10 minute “lightning talks” designing to introduce the audience to interesting points of view.

The Future of AI Workshop will be held the afternoon of Thursday August 4, the day before the main AGI-11 conference sessions begin.

If you’re interested to speak at the Future of AGI workshop, please email before June 1 with a title and abstract regarding what you’d like to talk about, and with FUTURE OF AGI 2011 in the subject line of the email.  If you haven’t participated in any of the prior Future of AGI workshops, please also include in your email a brief bio and/or a link to your bio or website.  Note that we will very likely receive more requests to speak than we can accept given the time constraints.  You’ll be notified by June 15 if your request to speak is accepted or not.  Speakers at the Future of AGI Workshop must register for the whole AGI-11 conference, we don’t have registration just for the workshop this year.

Submission Deadline: June 1, 2011
Contact: Ben Goertzel,

Self-Programming Workshop

A major difference between conventional systems and intelligent systems is that the former follow predetermined programs provided by human programmers, while the latter systems are capable of “self-programming” in the sense that their behavior is not always explicitly specified by a human, but rather “decided by the system itself” to various degrees. The AGI-11 Workshop on “Self-Programming in AGI Systems” will provide an opportunity for AGI researchers to compare various techniques to achieve such an ability in the AGI context, and to discuss related issues.

Please see the workshop website ( for details.

Submission Deadline: June 30, 2011
Contact: Deon Garrett, deon-at-iiim-dot-is

Demo Track

This year’s AGI conference will host an exciting demo track, with a mix of demos from academic researchers and AI companies.  If you are interested, please submit an abstract describing the demo you would like to give, ideally including screenshots or a link to a video as well. Demos submitted by the priority deadline may be prioritized in terms of time-slots during the demo track.
Final Submission Deadline: June 1 2011
Contact: Itamar Arel, itamar-at-ece-dot-utk-dot-edu


This year’s AGI conference will host several tutorials by recognized experts in the field. Details will be posted shortly.

For the AGI-10 tutorials/workshops/demonstrations, go to AGI-10