Special Session on AGI and Neuroscience

The Artificial General Intelligence conference series focuses on theoretical and practical AI work aimed toward the original goal of the AI field: creating artificial systems with general intelligence at the human level, and ultimately beyond.

This pursuit obviously has a great deal to learn from neuroscience, and possibly may provide some guidance to theoretical neuroscience as well. Thus, in the Fourth Conference on AGI, we have considered it appropriate to organize a Special Session focusing specifically on the intersection of neuroscience and AGI.

We are eager to obtain submissions from neuroscience researchers whose work has led them to conclusions or hypotheses that they believe relevant to researchers constructing AI systems aimed at human-level general intelligence. This may be an opportunity for neuroscientists to present, to an eager audience, ideas that (while grounded in data) are too theoretical or speculative for conventional neuroscience conferences. The door is open for papers presenting holistic considerations regarding modeling or simulating brain function, models of specific brain regions or networks, or models of specific brain processes (even at the neural level or below, for example) – anything with interesting implications for the digital implementation of general intelligence.

If you would like to submit a paper to this Special Session, please follow the instructions here and submit your paper similarly to a regular AGI-11 conference paper. However, you should also email the Chair of the Special Session, Randal Koene, at randal.a.koene@gmail.com, to ensure your paper is reviewed with the Special Session in mind.

The submission deadline for the Special Session is March 1, 2011.