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Wednesday 8/3

Thursday 8/4

  • 4-4:30pm: Afternoon coffee break

Friday 8/5

Poster Papers (all papers)

Jianglong Nan and Fintan Costello A Demonstration of Combining Spatial and Temporal Perception
Bas Steunebrink and Jürgen Schmidhuber A Family of Gödel Machine Implementations
Andras Lorincz and Daniel Takacs AGI Architecture Measures Human Parameters and Optimizes Human Performance
Eliezer Yudkowsky Complex Value Systems are Required to Realize Valuable Futures
Marius Raab, Mark Wernsdorfer, Emanuel Kitzelmann and Ute Schmid From Sensorimotor Maps to Rules: An Agent Learns from a Stream of Experience
Brian Mingus, Trent Kriete, Seth Herd, Dean Wyatte, Kenneth Latimer and Randy O’Reilly Generalization of Figure-Ground Segmentation from Binocular to Monocular Vision in an Embodied Biological Brain Model
Ben Goertzel Imprecise Probability as a Linking Mechanism Between Deep Learning, Symbolic Cognition and Local Feature Detection in Vision Processing
Pedro Ortega and Daniel Braun Information, Utility & Bounded Rationality
Andras Lorincz Learning the States of Markov Decision Processes: A Brain Inspired Neural Model
Daniel Dewey Learning What to Value
Daniel Silver Machine Lifelong Learning: Challenges and Benefits for Artificial General Intelligence
Bill Hibbard Measuring Agent Intelligence via Hierarchies of Environments
Karol Walędzik and Jacek Mańdziuk Multigame playing by means of UCT enhanced with automatically generated evaluation functions
Iris Oved and Ian Fasel Philosophically Inspired Concept Acquisition for Artificial General Intelligence
Leo Pape and Arthur Kok Real-world Limits to Algorithmic Intelligence
Pei Wang and Seemal Awan Reasoning in Non-Axiomatic Logic: A Case Study in Medical Diagnosis
Pedro Alejandro Ortega, Daniel Alexander Braun and Simon Godsill Reinforcement Learning and the Bayesian Control Rule
Bill Hibbard Societies of Intelligent Agents
Eray Ozkural Teraflop-scale Incremental Machine Learning
Claude Touzet The Illusion of Internal Joy
Ben Goertzel and Matthew Ikle Three Hypotheses About the Geometry of Mind
Elias Ruiz, Augusto Melendez and Enrique Sucar Towards a General Vision System based on Symbol-Relation Grammars and Bayesian Networks

Saturday 8/6

  • 12:20pm: Session 3 panel
  • 12:50pm: Lunch and (optional) business meeting
  • 2:10pm: AGI Network Relaunch
  • 2:30pm: Session 4
  • 3:45pm: Session 4 panel
  • 4:15pm: Afternoon coffee break
  • 4:45pm: Session 5
    • Samuel Epstein and Margrit Betke. An Information Theoretic Representation of Agent Dynamics as Set Intersections
    • Sergio Pissanetzky. Structural Emergence in Partially Ordered Sets is the Key to Intelligence
    • Florin Popescu. Wagging the dog: human vs. machine inference of causality in visual sequences.
    • Helmar Gust, Ulf Krumnack, Maricarmen Martinez, Ahmed Abdel-Fattah, Martin Schmidt and Kai-Uwe Kuenburger.  Rationality and General Intelligence
  • 5:35pm: Session 5 panel
  • 6:05pm: Closing announcements (Moshe Looks, Ben Goertzel)
  • 6:15pm: End of conference
  • 7pm: doors close

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