Announcement: AGI-11, 4th Conference on AGI

Continuing the mission of the first three AGI conferences (most recently AGI-10, held at the Univ of Lugano, Switzerland), in Aug 2011, AGI-11 gathers an international group of leading academic and industry researchers involved in scientific and engineering work aimed directly toward the goal of artificial general intelligence.

This is the only major conference series devoted wholly and specifically to the creation of AI systems possessing general intelligence at the human level and ultimately beyond. By gathering together active researchers in the field, for presentation of results and discussion of ideas, we accelerate our progress toward our common goal.

“Artificial General Intelligence”

The original goal of the AI field was the construction of “thinking machines” – that is, computer systems with human-like general intelligence. Due to the difficulty of this task, for the last few decades the majority of AI researchers have focused on what has been called “narrow AI” – the production of AI systems displaying intelligence regarding specific, highly constrained tasks.

In recent years, however, more and more researchers have recognized the necessity – and feasibility – of returning to the original goals of the field. Increasingly, there is a call for a transition back to confronting the more difficult issues of “human level intelligence” and more broadly artificial general intelligence (AGI).

Conference Proceedings Online

Sep 19, 2011

LNAI 6830 is now available online. You can find information about it here or access the online version here.

Conference Videos Published

Sep 16, 2011

Click here for the list of conference videos.

AGI-11 a Smashing Success

Aug 13, 2011

Thanks to all who came and contributed to AGI-11.  With more than 200 registrations, this was the largest and most diverse AGI conference yet.

For a partial record of the conference, please see the proceedings volume published by Springer, the preprints linked from the Schedule page of this site, and the videos of the talks which will be posted sometime soon.

AGI-11 Conference Sold Out

Jul 25, 2011


If you absolutely must attend and have not yet registered, please email as soon as possible.