Extension: AGI Machines Demonstrations

Jan 7, 2010

The deadline to submit your live AGI demonstrations has been extended to February 15, to keep this date consistent with those for tutorials and workshops. Please email all submissions to achler -at- gmail.com, as specified on our Demonstrations page.

Bring a display-ready live computer simulation or physical demonstration to show and advertise your practical advancement to AGI! The demonstration does not have to tie in with a conference or workshop paper; it only must be AGI.

AGI-10 would also like to remind that papers accepted for AGI workshops will be considered for the Journal of Artificial General Intelligence.

Paper Notifications

Dec 22, 2009

Decisions have been made on AGI-10 papers and notifications have been sent to authors. For any queries, please contact AGI. The camera-ready version is due on January 3, so please make corrections to papers as required. Thank you to all submitters; we were happy to receive the number of papers we did. Thank you also to our dedicated reviewers, who helped make many difficult decisions.

There is still time to submit workshops, tutorials, and demonstrations even without an AGI paper. Papers accepted for the workshop will be considered for the Journal of Artificial General Intelligence. Demonstrations are due by January 15; tutorials and workshop submissions are due February 15.

AGI-10 also wishes a happy holiday season to all.

Ray Solomonoff, 1926-2009

Dec 12, 2009

The great Ray Solomonoff, pioneer of Machine Learning, founder of Algorithmic Probability Theory, father of the Universal Probability Distribution, creator of the Universal Theory of Inductive Inference, passed away on Monday 7 December 2009 at age 83, from complications in the wake of a broken aneurysm in his head. He is survived by his loving wife of 40 years, Grace.

Ray Solomonoff was the first to describe the fundamental concept of Algorithmic Information or Kolmogorov Complexity. In the new millennium his work became the foundation of the first mathematical theory of Optimal Universal Artificial Intelligence.

Ray intended to deliver an invited lecture at the upcoming AGI 2010, the Conference on Artificial General Intelligence (March 5-8 2010) in Lugano (where he already spent time in 2001 as a visiting professor at the Swiss AI Lab IDSIA). The AGI conference series would not even exist without his essential theoretical contributions. With great sadness AGI 2010 will be held “In Memoriam Ray Solomonoff.”

Ray will live on in the many minds shaped by his revolutionary ideas.

Paper Submissions Now Closed

Dec 2, 2009

We announce that the deadline for paper submissions has now passed across the globe! Thanks to all submitters for offering their AGI contributions and for supporting AGI-10.

Please contact AGI with any questions. We will release acceptances as soon as we can with the volume of papers received.

Submissions for demonstrations, tutorials, or workshops at the conference are still open, so please submit any proposals to that page. All AGI demonstration submissions must be in by 15 January 2010; tutorial and workshop submissions are due by 15 February 2010.

Form for AGI Machines Demonstrations Out Now

Nov 22, 2009

We are pleased to offer an integrative demonstration track for AGI 2010 with an opportunity to evaluate the best and most flexible AI applications. We have also extended the paper deadline to allow researchers the opportunity to support their papers with demonstrations and use both to represent and explain their approaches in the best light. Apply on our Workshops and Demonstrations page.

The deadline to submit your live computer simulations or physical demonstrations is Jan 15, 2010. Any questions can be addressed to Tsvi Achler at achler@gmail.com .