Announcement: The Third Conference on Artificial General Intelligence

Lugano, Switzerland, March 5-8 (Fri-Mon) 2010

Continuing the mission of the first two AGI conferences (AGI-08, that was held at the University of Memphis; and AGI-09, that was held in Washington DC), in March 2010, AGI-10 will gather an international group of leading academic and industry researchers involved in serious
scientific and engineering work aimed directly toward the goal of artificial general intelligence.

This is the only major conference series devoted wholly and specifically to the creation of AI systems possessing general intelligence at the human level and ultimately beyond. By gathering together active researchers in the field, for presentation of results and discussion of ideas, we accelerate our progress toward our common goal.

Artificial General Intelligence

The original goal of the AI field was the construction of “thinking machines” – that is, computer systems with human-like general intelligence. Due to the difficulty of this task, for the last few decades the majority of AI researchers have focused on what has been called “narrow AI” – the production of AI systems displaying intelligence regarding specific, highly constrained tasks.

In recent years, however, more and more researchers have recognized the necessity – and feasibility – of returning to the original goals of the field. Increasingly, there is a call for a transition back to confronting the more difficult issues of “human level intelligence” and more broadly “artificial general intelligence (AGI).”

AGI-10 Videos!

Nov 28, 2010

It’s now time to view and review the events of Artificial General Intelligence 2010 on the Artificial General Intelligence Vimeo Channel, uploaded and filmed by Raj Dye. Thanks to Raj for his work in preparing all the videos.

Thanking the AGI-10 IDSIA volunteers

Mar 17, 2010

AGI would like to thank the members of IDSIA who gave their time and resources to the conference. Thanks to the volunteers who gave their time helping the conference to run smoothly. (AGI Sponsors Page.)

Post AGI-10 Publicity

Mar 17, 2010

Paola di Maio has written up An Interview with Ben Goertzel and Toward an Ontology for AGI, both published at the Institute for Socio-Technical Complex Systems (ISTCS) website.

Announcement: City of Lugano sponsorship and SCSI workshop

Feb 27, 2010

AGI-10 is pleased to announce that the City of Lugano is now on our sponsors page for their generous support of the conference.

The detailed schedule of the exciting workshop Toward A Serious Computational Science of Intelligence is now on our schedule page. Thank you to our workshop organizers and participants.