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AGI-08 Workshop on the Sociocultural, Ethical and Futurological Implications of Artificial General Intelligence

A Post-Conference Workshop for AGI-08, the First Conference on Artificial General Intelligence

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is a topic with numerous implications beyond the boundaries of science and engineering. As AGI technology develops, it can be expected to have increasingly dramatic impacts on human society, including commerce and economics, and all other aspects of human life.

In recent years there has been a series of conferences addressing the broader implications of AGI technology in a futuristic vein, including for instance:

However, the discussion of the broader implications of AGI that occurs in such contexts is not always fully informed by the technical and scientific details of AGI science.  The objective of this Workshop is to confront and explore the social, cultural, ethical and futurological implications of AGI in a way that takes full account of the current state of knowledge in the AGI field, as represented by the work presented at the AGI-08 conference.

AGI-08 Workshop Papers & Videos

Jonathan Connell video / transcript - The Artilect War - Hugo de Garis

Jonathan Connell video / transcript - Stages of Ethical Development in Artificial General Intelligence Systems - Ben Goertzel , Stephan Vladimir Bugaj

Jonathan Connell video / transcript - Perspectives on Artificial General Intelligence and the Singularity - Ben Goertzel

Jonathan Connell video / transcript - Engineering Utopia - J. Storrs Hall

Jonathan Connell video / transcript - OpenCog: A Software Framework for Integrative Artificial General Intelligence - David Hart, Ben Goertzel

Jonathan Connell video / transcript - Open Source AI - Bill Hibbard

Jonathan Connell video - The Law of Intended Consequences: Designing Possible Futures - Natasha Vita-More

Jonathan Connell video - On the Broad Implications of Reinforcement Learning based AGI - Scott Livingston, Jamie Garvey, Itamar Elhanany

Jonathan Connell video - The Basic AI Drives - Steve Omohundro

Jonathan Connell video - A Scientific Perspective on the Hard Problem of Consciousness - Alexei V. Samsonovich , Giorgio A. Ascoli, Harold Morowitz, M. Layne Kalbfleisch

AGI-08 Workshop Program Committee

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