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AGI-08 Call for Proposals and Suggestions

In recent years, many of us working on Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) related research have felt a desire for a more cohesive research community focused specifically on AGI, as distinct from AI research focused on more specialized problem-solving.

Via gathering together a fairly large number of researchers with AGI interests, the AGI-08 conference will provide an excellent venue for discussion of what might be done to optimally encourage the formation of such a community.

With this in mind, we've decided it may be useful to collect suggestions and proposals on this theme, in advance, from conference participants, program committee members, and other AGI researchers and interested individuals. We are interested in seeing thorough, concrete proposals; and also suggestions at varying levels of specificity and breadth.

Among topics we're thinking of are:

(1) Conferences and Meetings

As shown by the healthy response to AGI-08, there seems to be a significant interest in professional gatherings on AGI-related themes. What sorts of future meetings, conferences, symposia, workshops, etc. might be valuable? Specifically we are interested in suggestions regarding possibilities for an AGI-09: potential locations, dates, individuals interested in conference organization and management, and so forth.

(2) Possible New Publication Venues

Is there a need for new venues for dissemination of AGI research, to complement existing AI publication media? A variety of possibilities exist, including: an AGI-focused journal, special issues of existing journals, edited volumes, websites, news-letters, online fora, etc.

(3) Possibility of a New Organization

Might it be useful to create a new organization of some kind to foster AGI research? Or is it more useful to work within existing AI research organizations?

Beside the above topics, additional suggestions regarding cooperation, funding, outreach, and other related topics are also welcome.

We have a private wiki intended to gather together suggestions on these topics. See wiki login help for access information or make suggestions now by contacting us directly.